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All members are called "lord" in the English and German versions and "Ange" "Angel" in the French version, even though there are females among them. Female members such as " Darklord Ixchel ", " Darklord Marie " and " Darklord Nurse Reficule " are referred to as "Darklady" in the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish versions, even though this creates ambiguity in the Italian version because the name of the whole archetype is masculine. In the Italian version, the inclusion of female members such as " Darklord Ixchel ", " Darklord Marie " and " Darklord Nurse Reficule " seems to be implicit because their names don't contain "Signore Oscuro".

A "Darklord" Deck focuses on sending DARK Fairy monsters to the Graveyard and then reviving them; however, bringing back a monster- especially a "Darklord"- requires a more permanent solution rather than relying on one time use cards such as " Monster Reborn ", " Call of the Haunted ", " Ribbon of Rebirth ", etc.

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The downside of using the effect of "The Dark Creator" is that a clear field is needed. One can send one "The Dark Creator" to the Graveyard, then summon " Phantom of Chaos " to copy its effect, though this is a solution that cannot be used for more than one turn. For these reasons, "Athena" is the most reliable and best option.

Using the effect of "Athena" you can send "Zerato" to the Graveyard and then revive it, thus resetting "Zerato" and preventing it from being destroyed. However, this can be mitigated by the use of " Soul Charge ", as it is possible to Special Summon multiple copies of the same card in one turn as long as they are Summoned at the same time, allowing for Xyz plays with high Level monsters. This works in conjunction with the archetype's two Trap Cards " Darklord Enchantment " and " Darklord Rebellion " to disrupt opponent plays, allowing time to setup for an " Athena "-" Darklord Superbia " loop or similar win conditions.

This Deck can have many ways of discarding cards to the Graveyard. You can use monster effects such as those of " Armageddon Knight " or " Dark Grepher ", or the effects of " Darklord Asmodeus " and " Darklord Zerato ", in order to discard cards to the Graveyard. Additionally, you can use " Trade-In " you run many Level 8 monsters and " Hand Destruction " in order to combine both discarding and drawing power.

When they do, you will need some way to remove the Tokens "Asmodeus" Summons. You can also perform the combo with " Darklord Contact ", though this method is slightly slower as it must Summon the target in Defense Position. Special Summon " Darklord Superbia " and after summoning " Athena ", then replay the above instructions. Running the above cards may enable you to Special Summon a " Darklord Asmodeus " that was sent to Graveyard previously, but you must first Banish "Asmodeus" as it cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard.

Shall we serve the dark lords? A meta-analytic review of psychopathy and leadership.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Bad Dreams : Keeps waking up screaming his sister's name. Fortunately, the midwife sneaked the baby away. Immortality Seeker : Desperately wants to learn the secret to his cousin Ivana's agelessness, and refuses to believe that she has no idea why it happened even though this is the truth.

Kissing Cousins : During the chaos of the Grand Conjunction, he and Ivana sought comfort in each other's arms. Large Ham : A rare in-universe example. Non-Action Big Bad : Same deal as his cousin. Older Than They Look : In his sixties, but looks a good deal younger, and has the vitality of a man half his age. That's not good enough for him, though. Perfect Poison : "Borrowed Time", which stays in your bloodstream for life and causes lethal convulsions every sunset unless you ingest the antidote, "Mercy", every day.

Of course, Ivan is the only one who can create both. Poison-and-Cure Gambit : How Ivan typically uses "Borrowed Time" and "Mercy" - once successfully affecting someone with the former, he holds out on the latter unless the afflicted work for him. Not surprisingly, he sets this up in basically all who take his coin, and he's not above using this as a recruitment tool. Poisonous Person : Similar to his cousin, Ivana Boritsi, he has the ability to create and control poisons and drugs. Sense Loss Sadness : His curse. When he was younger, fine food and drink were his greatest pleasure alongside killing people.

When he became a darklord, he lost his sense of taste, leaving him empty and unsatisfied, unable to truly enjoy the luxury that surrounds him.

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Spoiled Brat : Ivan is basically what happens when you take one of these, make them capable of murder to get what they want or if they are denied, and then let them grow to adulthood without ever learning better or being punished. Tristen ApBlanc, Darklord of Forlorn. Tristen ApBlanc, Darklord of Forlorn Conceived when his newly-turned vampire father bewitched his mother, Tristen's mother was murdered by a lynch mob shortly after his birth, but Tristen himself was saved by druids.

When his vampyre nature emerged at age 15, he was seen running down and drinking the blood of a doe by his adopted mother, Rual.


Knowing she had seen him, and later seeing her talking to some of the other druids, Tristen was convinced she had betrayed him and attacked her while she was meditating. She impaled him upon the point of a blessed deer antler when he leaped at her, and so he went into a frenzy and drunk her blood — as she had just drunk holy water before, though, this caused him intense pain. Believing she had poisoned him, he beat her to death, unaware that he was actually being cured of his vampyre nature.

With her dying breath, she berated him for his fatal distrust of her and cursed him, causing him to be trapped in the small grove in which they had fought, as well as condemning him to walk as a vampyre by day, then painfully die and become a ghost each night, only to be resurrected equally painfully every morning. Tristen did not become Darklord of Forlorn until over three centuries later, after engineering a bloody civil war to become the ruler of the land that became Forlorn after the Mists took it. The Beastmaster : Wolves and worgs giant evil wolves , with the added twist that he can raise dead ones as zombies.

Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : Tristen's good at pretending to be nice, but that's all it is — a pretense. Haunted Castle : Castle Tristenoira is home to the ghosts of Tristen's family. Neutral Evil : His official In-Universe alignment. Offing the Offspring : Tristen's first son died at the jaws of wolves his angry father set on his dog Tristen didn't intend to kill him, and in fact attacked the wolves trying to save his son, but failed , and murdered his second son while intending to kill his son's priestly mentor.

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He merely locked his daughter up in the dungeon, but she was spirited away by unknown powers revealed in the official adventure to be time-travelling adventurers. Our Vampires Are Different : Tristen is a vampyre, a living species similar to vampires that also drinks blood. Painful Transformation : Every sunset, Tristen dies and becomes a ghost; every sunrise, he rises once more as a vampyre. The process is agonizing. Pater Familicide : Falls short only because his daughter's fate is undetermined see above.

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Tailor-Made Prison : Of particular note in Tristen's case; he can't go more than feet beyond a specific tree in the courtyard of Castle Tristenoira. The domain itself is somewhat larger. Telepathy : With every goblyn in Forlorn. Unstuck in Time : Castle Tristenoira. Voluntary Shapeshifting : As a vampyre, Tristen can transform into a worg.

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Weaksauce Weakness : Tristen can't approach people or places with deer antlers, a consequence of his original death. Wicked Cultured : He was once, long ago. In Forlorn's current state, there's usually no-one for him to bother with. Hazlik, Darklord of Hazlan. Hazlik's downfall came when Thantosya and Ordiab engineered a plan to end the rivalry with Hazlik at last; during a night of courtly intrigue, Ordiab approached Hazlik, suggesting a tryst, but when Hazlik succumbed to passion, Thantosya stepped out with several of their superiors and accused Hazlik of assaulting Ordiab.

The higher ranked Red Wizards tattooed arcane symbols of femininity over Hazlik's head and chest, burned his estate and cast him out of their ranks. Hazlik retreated to a bolthole, plotting revenge, and managed to chance upon his two enemies while out gathering reagents. He immediately attacked them, cutting out Ordiab's heart and forcing Thantosya to drink Ordiab's blood before he slashed her throat with a silver knife, for which the Mists claimed him. Bad Dreams : His curse.

In Hazlik's dreams, he's powerless before the enemies who humiliated him. As a consequence, he tries to stay awake as long as possible. It never lasts long. Bald of Evil : With tattoos all over his head; baldness is actually common for the Red Wizards, but the tattoos are the type only women have. After the Conjunction temporarily returned him back home, and he saw how his enemies had advanced, he revoked the ban in the hopes of gaining revenge.

Beard of Evil : Mustacheless goatee variant. Depraved Homosexual : Averted. He is a highly depraved individual, and he is homosexual, but the two factors have almost nothing in common. His Act of Ultimate Darkness was related to the man he had lusted after, but he was banished to Ravenloft for cutting out the man's heart and forcing his girlfriend to eat it, not for lusting after another man.

Embarrassing Tattoo : Played for Drama. Hazlik's tattoos, inflicted on him by his enemies, mark him as effeminate. Literally; the tattoos he has all over him basically proclaim "I am a woman". Mismatched Eyes : His left is brown and his right is blue.

Omnicidal Maniac : Is planning a genocidal ritual that will kill every Mulan Hazlik's ethnic group in existence — not just in the Demiplane, in existence. To put it in context: in the Forgotten Realms , the Mulan aren't just Thayans, they're also the main ethnic group of Mulhorand, the local Egyptian equivalent , and hinted to have actually been displaced ancient Egyptians.

Revenge : Seeks revenge on his enemies back in his homeland. Straight Gay : It's subtle, but someone who reads his backstory will realise he is actually a homosexual. Retcon : In the first version of the Ravenloft setting Realm of Terror he was simply tattooed as humiliation by his enemies.

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In the second version of the setting Ravenloft Campaign Setting aka the Red Box the love-triangle element was added, but he murdered his female lover and fed her heart to her boyfriend TSR at the time did not want homosexuality brought up in game settings. The lover was gender-flipped when White Wolf acquired the setting at the very least, it gives a better reason why his punitive tattoos stigmatize him as a woman! Gabrielle Aderre, Darklord of Invidia.