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Distribution and molecular characterization of the root endophyte Phialocephala-fortinii along an environmental gradient in the boreal forest of Alberta.

Symbiosis in Plants and Humans

Mycological Research Alberton O. Dark septate root endophytic fungi increase growth of Scots pine seedlings under elevated CO2 through enhanced nitrogen use efficiency. Plant and Soil Arnold A. Fungal Biology Review Are tropical fungal endophytes hyperdiverse? Ecology Letters 3: Aveskamp M. DNA phylogeny reveals polyphyly of Phomasection Peyronellaea and multiple taxonomic novelties. Mycologia Bailey B A. Fungal and plant gene expression during the colonization of cacao seedlings by endophytic isolates of four Trichoderma species. Planta Brenn N. Community structure of Phialocephala fortinii s.

Crous P. Opportunistic, human-pathogenic species in the Herpotrichiellaceae are phenotypically similar to saprobic or phytopathogenic species in the Venturia-ceae. Studies in Mycology Currah R. New records and new taxa of fungi from the mycorrhizae of terrestrial orchids of Alberta. Canadian Journal of Botany Day M. Monodictysarctica, a new hyphomycete from the roots of Saxifraga oppositifolia collected in the Canadian High Arctic. Mycotaxon Ganley R. Fungal endophytes in seeds and needles ofPinusmonticola.

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Grunig C. Pirttila and Frank C. DOI Molecular and phenotypic description of the widespread root symbiont Acephala applanata gen. Evidence for subdivision of the root-endophyte Phialocephala fortinii into cryptic species and recombination within species. Fungal Genetics and Biology Population genetic analysis of Phialocephala fortinii s.

Assignment of species rank to six reproductively isolated cryptic species of the Phialocephala fortinii s. Botany Phylogeny of Phaeomollisiapiceae gen. Hambleton S.

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Hymenoscyphus ericae: a new record from western Canada. Meliniomyces, a new anamorph genus for root-associated fungi with phylogenetic affinities to Rhizoscyphus ericae Hymenoscyphus ericae , Leotiomycetes. Harrington T. Phylogenetic analysis places the Phialophora-like anamorph genus Cadophora in the Helotia-les.

Haselwandter K. The significance of a root-fungus association in two Carex species of high-alpine plant communities. Oecologia Jumpponen A. Performance of Pinuscontorta inoculated with two strains of root endophytic fungus, Phia-locephalafortinii: effects of synthesis system and glucose concentration. Kowalski T. Two new species of Phialocephala occurring on Picea and Alnus. Cryptosploriopsis radicicola sp.

Cryptosporiopsis melanigena sp. Kirk P.

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Dictionary of the fungi, 9th edn. CAB International, Oxon, s.

click Mandyam K. Seeking the elusive function of the root-colonising dark septate endophytic fungi. Manici L. Fungal community diversity and soil health in intensive potato cropping systems of the east Po valley, northern Italy.

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Annals of Applied Biology Melin E. On the mycorrhizas of Pinussylvestris L. A preliminary note. Journal of Ecology 9: Menkis A. Root associated fungi of conifer seedlings and their role in afforestation of agricultural land. Ecology and molecular characterization of dark septate fungi from roots, living stems, coarse and fine woody debris. Miller J. Needles of white spruce inoculated with rugulosin producing endophytes contain rugulosin reducing spruce bu-dworm growth rate. Sieber T. N, Bauer R. The ectomycorrhizal morphotype Pinirhiza sclerotia is formed by Acephala macrosclerotia sp.

Mycorrhiza Mucciarelli M. In vitro and in vivo peppermint Menthapiperita growth promotion by non-mycorrhizal fungal colonization. New Phytologist Newcombe G.

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Defence and nutrient mutualisms in Populus, in: Jansson S. Genetics and genomics of Populus. Newsham K. Mycorrhizas and dark septate endophytes in polar regions. Fungal Ecology 2: A meta-analysis of plant responses to dark septate root endophytes New Phytologist Queloz V. Monitoring the spatial and temporal dynamics of a community of the tree-root endophyte Phialocephala fortinii s. New Phyto-logist Read D. Pezizellaericae sp. Transactions of the British Mycological Society Rodriguez R. Fungal endophytes: diversity and functional roles.

Rossman A. Fungal Planet Sanchez Marquez S.

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  • Diversity and structure of the fungal endophytic assemblages from two sympatric coastal grasses. Fungal Diversity Fung Diversity Schroers H. Cylindrocarpon pauciseptatum sp. Schulz B. The endophytic continuum. Endophytic fungi in forest trees: are they mutu-alists?

    Characteristics and Growth Requirements of Trees

    Fungal Biology Reviews Sigler L. Two new Cryptosporiopsis species from roots of ericaceous hosts in western North America. Stone J. Jr An overview of endophytic microbes: endophytism defined. Marcel Dekker, New York, Stoyke G. Endophytic fungi from the mycorrhi-zae of alpine ericoid plants.