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So even an unprofitable asset is worth hanging on to if the business is income-poor.

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But Deutsche Bank is no longer short of cash. It has repeatedly tapped its shareholders for money, and years of cost-cutting has shored up its net income. And it also has more than enough capital to take the hit from disposing of the assets at a loss. Further deep cuts to the investment bank are also hardly news, since surgery was clearly signaled by Christian Sewing at the AGM in May.

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Though exactly where these cutbacks will fall is as yet unclear. Sewing spoke positively about some aspects of the Corporate and Investment Banking division: Corporate Finance, FX trading, global credit trading and U. Absent from his warm remarks were the loss-making equities business and U.

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As my colleague Mayra Rodriguez Valladares observes , this bloodletting will principally affect the jobs of Americans. The investment bank was the only area where cutbacks - or even significant restructuring - were mentioned. Presumably this is supposed to be enough to restore growth. To be sure, the investment bank is extremely expensive to maintain. But cutbacks in investment banking have been the main dish for successive chief executives over several years now — and yet the bank remains poorly profitable across all business lines.

I see no reason why this time should be different. But what of the pivot to transaction banking and wealth management? Focusing on transaction banking does make some sense: it has been the best-performing division for several years now, though it has hardly set the world alight. It seems that Sewing wants a piece of the trade finance action. But the bank should have done this three years ago. Now, exports to China are slowing as Chinese demand shrinks.

Expanding transactional banking into an increasingly difficult global trading environment does not exactly look like a brilliant growth strategy. But even if the bank does capture a larger part of international transaction banking, this is traditionally a low-return industry. This looks like a desperate reach. And it is facing fierce competition from larger and stronger firms with a better track record.

The international wealth management industry is becoming ever more crowded, as banks and financial institutions pivot away from riskier activities in favor of managing the wealth of the risk-averse middle classes.

Admittedly, middle-class wealth is growing, especially in many Asian countries: but financial institutions wanting to manage it are proliferating even faster. This is not so much a strategic aim as an admission of defeat. William J. Cash Flow Strategies. Richard S.

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